Why Backpacking or Thru-Hiking is a Great Adventure Fundraiser for The Cairn Project

Adventure fundraisers are how The Cairn Project funds the grants we give out to scholarships getting girls outside. Your adventure fundraiser directly funds getting girls into the outdoors. Choosing backpacking and thru-hiking as your adventure is a profound commitment to the organization’s mission of “More Girls Outside.” Here’s why taking to the trails as an ambassador is a wonderful idea.

Expanding Outdoor Access Through Exploration

As a thur-hiking or backpacking ambassador, your journey becomes a symbol of breaking through boundaries, mirroring The Cairn Project’s commitment to expanding outdoor access. Every step on the trail echoes the message that the great outdoors is a space for all, encouraging more girls to embark on their own journeys. We know, backpacking and thru-hiking isn’t easy! It’s a great way to push yourself, as well as include your community in your challenge.

Adventure-Driven Crowdfunding

The Cairn Project’s adventure-driven crowdfunding aligns well with backpacking and thru-hiking adventures. Your trek becomes a story that inspires friends, family, and, hopefully, a broader network. Each day on the trail is an opportunity to inspire contributions that directly fund small grants, opening doors for girls to experience the wonders of nature.

Building Community Along the Trail

Backpacking and thru-hiking are communal endeavors. Your journey as an ambassador fosters connections with fellow hikers, creating a microcosm of the inclusive community The Cairn Project champions. Sharing campsites, stories, and the challenges of the trail, you contribute to a supportive network that extends beyond the hike. The camaraderie formed along the trail reflects the larger mission of bringing women+ together to advocate for “More Girls Outside.”

Championing Equality on the Trail

Hiking trails know no gender. By choosing backpacking or thru-hiking as an ambassador adventure, you actively challenge traditional gender norms associated with outdoor pursuits. Your presence on the trail is a statement – a testament to the belief that everyone, regardless of gender, deserves equal access to the wonders of the natural world. In essence, you become a trailblazer for equality in outdoor spaces.

Could Thru-Hiking or Backpacking Be the Right Choice for You?

Here are some examples of thru-hike and backpacking journeys of alumni ambassadors that may inspire you to try your own!

Backpacking and thru-hiking as an ambassador for The Cairn Project is more than a physical journey; it’s a call to action. Each step you take is a stride towards equality, outdoor access, and a more inclusive adventure community. As you navigate the trails, you’re not just exploring the wilderness; you’re breaking ground for a future where more girls can confidently step into the outdoors, knowing that the trails are for them too. Strap on that backpack; your adventure for change awaits!