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5 Unexpected Perks of Completing an Adventure Fundraiser

Take a second to daydream with us. What would be your best adventure ever?

Think about your ultimate outdoor adventure opportunity. Whether it’s on land or water, on foot or on wheels, if you have an idea on how to elevate your passion with a goal, a unique style of fundraiser might be your perfect next step.

At The Cairn Project, our Ambassadors partner with us to design an Adventure Fundraiser. These experiences make a difference in the outdoors and in our communities through supporting small grants for nature-based opportunities for youth girls. But beyond completing an amazing adventure and raising grant funding for nonprofits, what else could you take away from the experience?

Let’s look at 5 surprising benefits to a fundraiser with an adventurous edge:

1. You can put your Adventure Fundraiser on your resume.

Just because it wasn’t “for work” doesn’t mean you can’t use an adventure fundraiser to support your career! Completing an adventure highlights your ideation, planning, critical thinking, communications, fundraising and leadership skills. The Cairn Project ambassador program can help you put into words how your adventurous experience highlights your unique skills, even when it comes to finding a job you love.

Consider the adventure you thought of: What skills would it take to bring to fruition?

2. You can share an inspiring story with groups and communities.

Your adventure fundraiser could pave a way for future presentations, podcasts, maybe even a book or film! How would you want to spread the word Sharing your adventure’s story inspires others to get outdoors, and also gives you a fantastic story to aid your own personal or professional goals.

Whether you join others’ platforms to share about your experience or you build your own, stories create a lasting impact that can highlight how the great outdoors supports a happier, healthier world– and that you were a part of it.

Can you think of a story from a past adventure that changed you or how you think about the world?

3. You’ll get valuable fundraising skills and experience.

“Fundraising’ can be a scary word. We get it! The good news is that people want to support what they believe in, and you can learn how to communicate the value of experiences in nature. Plus, whether it’s for work, a passion project, or your own business, fundraising skills are incredibly valuable to further missions and elevate communities that you care about.

Being a Cairn Project Ambassador gives you first-hand experience with plenty of support all along the way, so you don’t have to figure it out alone.

Got a creative idea on how to encourage donations? We’re all ears and are happy to bring it to life!

4. You’ll discover a network of passionate adventurers who make the world a better place.

The Cairn Project community catalyzes outdoor passion into a force for good by sharing learning and raising the profile of women and girls in outdoor adventure. As an Ambassador, you’ll meet other people with the same love for nature and helping others, and find opportunities over time to stay connected and expand your network! From special events to book clubs, there’s so much magic that happens when adventurous women put their heads together.

Imagine what you could do by partnering up with a community of them!

5. You’ll lessen the gender gap in outdoor sports and hobbies.

Girls are 16% less likely to go outside for free play in preschool. 20% fewer young women ages 6-24 participate in outdoor activities. By the age of 60, women are 35% less likely to do outdoor activities. Don’t love those numbers? We don’t, either. So, we’re aiming to change them. Despite all of the benefits of outdoor learning and adventure, girls and women continue to experience barriers to access and equal participation in outdoor pursuits.

Your adventure can spark change by inspiring others and showing what’s possible.

By completing an Adventure Fundraiser through The Cairn Project, you’ll not only raise awareness and spark others’ adventurous spirits, but you’ll raise grant funding for nonprofits that connect more girls and women from underserved communities to wilderness experiences that leave a lasting impact.

If you love adventure, growth, and connection with nature, we have a feeling you’d be a perfect fit to join our ambassador program! Not only do you “Get Out, Give Back,” but you also get those unexpected benefits. It’s a win-win. 

So, what would you do for an Adventure Fundraiser? Can you take that big adventure goal you had a few minutes ago and morph it into a catalyst for change?

Let us know if you’re thinking about joining the ambassador program for the next cohort by emailing [email protected].

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