Brand Partnerships

Who We Partner With

We collaborate with brands that are passionate about the next generation.

We are happy to partner in whatever way makes the most sense for your brand. We have a wide audience of outdoor women+ athletes that are excited to share the word on new partnerships. See below for some options on how to pair, but the world is our playground! Contact [email protected] to start the conversation.

Our Tiered Program

Contact Roxy for required donation amounts for our brand partners.


Trail Friend

From brand:

  • Donation match to an adventure fundraiser
  • Provide a unique code for TCP ambassadors
  • Donate 2-10% to TCP when discount code is used OR the option for customers to round up or donate a specified amount during their checkout process

From The Cairn Project:

  • We encourage Ambassadors to use the discount code/make a purchase and donate as well as share the discount code or promo with their community
  • Brand’s logo and bio on TCP website
  • One brand post on TCP’s social media platforms


Trail Partner

From brand:

  • Same as Trail Friend, with a donation match PLUS:
  • Participate in a product or membership giveaway, including promotion of the giveaway on brand social media platforms and other channels

From The Cairn Project:

  • Same as Trail Friend, with three brand posts on social media, PLUS:
  • One blog post by TCP with brand feature and 4 photos
  • Promotion of the giveaway on TCP social media channels with brand kickback


Trail Guide

From brand:

  • Same as Trail Partner, with a donation match PLUS:
  • Exclusive partner for brand type

From The Cairn Project:

  • Same as Trail Partner, with ongoing brand posts on TCP’s social media channels and 4 blog posts with brand features
  • Largest logo featured at the top of TCP’s website

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Thank You To Our Sponsors

Trail Guide

Product Partner

Trail Friends