Backpack: The Lone Star Trail

Becky Heath


Navasota, Texas

Cairn Project Ambassador Becky Heath smiles crouched down in front of an elephant

About Becky Heath

Becky is an outdoor educator in Navasota, Texas working everyday to pass along the magic of the outdoors to the next generation. An avid runner and hiker, this year Becky is on a mission to do the 52 Hike Challenge.

100+ Miles of East Texas Wilderness

In December, Becky will set out to hike 100+ miles of The Lone Star Trail – the longest continuous hiking trail in the state of Texas. With this adventure, Becky will challenge herself to a first ever extended solo backpacking trip and a first ever thru-hike. While growing her own skill set, Becky is raising support for The Cairn Project’s charitable grant programs to expand the outdoor skill sets of young women across the country. Fundraising goal: $2000.

First conceived of by the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club in 1966 and now maintained by The Lone Star Hiking Trail Club, The Lone Star Trail now totals 96 miles of thru-trail and 32 miles of additional foot paths winding along the east Texas border. Beginning south of Richards, TX and ending northwest of Cleveland, TX the trail passes through the dense pine and magnolia forests of Sam Houston National Forest, and along the shore of Lake Conroe.

A map of Becky's route on The Lone Star Trail
Becky smiles wearing a swimsuit

Why Get Out and Give Back?

“Being outside is my re-centering. I find my way back onto my path whenever I stray from it by walking outside. It takes the form of swimming, diving, running, hiking, camping and so on. My primary dream in life is to bring people outside to see how I love it and in doing so show them how to love it too.”

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