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Our Mission

Our Mission

For girls and young women, The Cairn Project expands outdoor access by supporting community-based wilderness and outdoor education groups around the country through a small grants program. For women, we’re bringing together a community that is inspired to catalyze outdoor passion into a force for good, share learning and stories, and raise the profile of women and girls in outdoor adventure.

Get out

The Cairn Project raises money by equipping passionate outdoor enthusiasts with the tools and support they need to elevate their next great adventure into an inspired fundraiser.

Give Back

Donations fund small grants to local partners who are empowering young women through transformative outdoor experiences.

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Buy Art, Do Good

This holiday season, we're partnering with adventure artists Erika Lee, Bryn Merrell, Emily Sullivan, and Sunny Stroeer in a charitable art sale! Head on over to our shop to check out a beautiful collection of outdoor-inspired prints and photography. Sales of each limited edition piece will support our grants in 2022 - snag a gift for your loved one or yourself before they sell out! 

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