The Cairn Project supports outdoor learning & leadership for girls+ around the US.

Outside is where community and leadership take root for girls+.

At The Cairn Project, we know that connection to the outdoors fosters transformative growth and learning for girls+: seeding tenacity, strength, and the willingness to face the unexpected. 

But for too many families, this opportunity for their girls remains out of reach. Our program supports widened access to nature-based learning around the US, funding scholarships and other nuts-and-bolts needs that increase accessibility for young women from ALL backgrounds.

What is girls+?
Taking cues from our grantee partners, The Cairn Project uses the word “girl” as reference to gender-expansive youth (cis girls, trans girls, trans boys, non-binary youth, and any girl-identified youth). People of marginalized gender identities face unique challenges to equal access and participation outside. We are committed to learning from and with our partners as our collective action and programs continue to evolve.

A Cairn Project ambassador pumps up a red inflatable kayak with an alpine lake and mountain peak behind her
Five women mountaineers walk up a snow-covered mountain ridge holding ice axes and wearing harnesses; a sea of clouds is behind and below them in the background

How We Expand Outdoor Access


Getting Out & Giving Back

We mobilize a broad community of support under the mandate of “More Girls Outside.” Our adventure-driven crowdfunding program supports small grants for outdoor opportunities for girls around the US.


Community & Connection

We bring together a wide group of women+ who want to catalyze outdoor passion into a force for good, share learning and stories, and raise the profile of women and girls in outdoor adventure.


Telling Stories

We’re bringing together a community that is inspired to catalyze outdoor passion into a force for good, share learning and stories, and raise the profile of women and girls in outdoor adventure.

Get Involved with The Cairn Project

The Cairn Project raises money by equipping passionate outdoor enthusiasts with the tools and support they need to elevate their next great adventure into an inspired fundraiser.

Donations fund small grants to local partners who are empowering young women through transformative outdoor experiences.

A Cairn Project ambassador poses for a photo standing on a rock outcropping wearing a backpack, hiking clothes, and a bandana

Meet Our Ambassadors & See Their Adventures

Our Ambassador community brings together folks who are dedicating time to supporting each other and our mission to expand outdoor access for girls and young women. Through adventure fundraisers and storytelling, our volunteer Ambassadors raise awareness of the critical importance of girls-only outdoor programs. And among the crew of Ambassadors, there’s sharing and learning that builds our bond as a “Get Out, Give Back” team.

Kelly Gazarik

Backpacking the Wonderland Trail

Kathy Murphy

Biking Across Iowa – RABGRAI 2023

Viv Serrano

Climbing the 14ers in California

Alessandra Trompeo

Thru-hiking the Aosta Valley in Italy

Pack With Me: Deejay Cook

How To – Hike the Entire Paria Canyon