Backpack: Three Sisters Loop

Roxy Dawson


Denver, Colorado

Cairn Project Ambassador Roxy Dawson's headshot

About Roxy Dawson

Roxy is a writer and outdoor content creator for Elevation Outdoors and Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine. She’s been living the vanlife for two years, and calls Colorado her home base. This summer, Roxy joined The Cairn Project’s Ambassador team for a week-long backpacking adventure that will raise support for programs that provide opportunities for young women to develop courage and confidence.

50 miles of Three Sisters Wilderness

In July, Roxy will set out on a backpacking adventure starting at the Devil’s Lake Trailhead in the Three Sisters Wilderness. Following sections of the Pacific Crest Trail and the Green Lakes Trail, she will circumnavigate the North, Middle, and South Sisters’ Peaks. If the conditions allow, there might even be a bonus summit of the South Sister!

Located within the Willamette and Deschutes National Forests, the Three Sisters Wilderness is the second largest wilderness area in Oregon. The area is named for its three volcanic peaks, the North, Middle, and South Sister, each rising 10,000 ft above sea level. Within the wilderness, there are over 260 miles of trail, including a 40 mil stretch of The Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail.

A map of Roxy's route through the Three Sisters Wilderness
Roxy smiles wearing a brown hat and. yellow backpacking pack with mountains and pine trees in the background

Why Get Out and Give Back?

“Adventuring in nature is the therapist I didn’t know I needed. I’ve gained confidence, health, peace of mind, and awkward tan lines. I’m so excited and grateful to be helping young women get outdoors where they can build confidence that will last a lifetime. With that confidence comes more well rounded, genuinely grounded women, ready to take on (and save) the world.”

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