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Why Running a Race for The Cairn Project is a Great Adventure Fundraiser

Embarking on a journey as an ambassador for The Cairn Project is not just about conquering a big adjective (or small one!); it’s about pushing your own comfort boundaries — be it fundraising itself, a long distance, or doing something you’ve never done before — and supporting the idea that every girl should have the opportunity to explore the transformative power of the great outdoors. Running a race as your adventure fundraiser is more than a personal achievement; it’s a meaningful contribution to expanding outdoor access and fostering a community that believes in the strength of the idea: “More Girls Outside.” Below are some reasons why running any distance as an adventure fundraiser for The Cairn Project is a powerful idea.

Adventure-Driven Crowdfunding

Running a race aligns seamlessly with The Cairn Project’s adventure-driven crowdfunding program. It’s an opportunity to turn your passion for running into a force for good. Through your race, you can engage friends, family, and a wider network to contribute to small grants that directly support outdoor opportunities for girls. Your adventure becomes a catalyst for positive change, proving that every step has the potential to create lasting impact.

Community and Connection

The Cairn Project is not just an organization; it’s a community of women+ passionate about catalyzing outdoor enthusiasm into a force for good. Running as an ambassador deepens this connection. As you train, share your journey, and cross that finish line, you become a part of a broader movement. You contribute to a collective narrative that emphasizes the importance of women and girls in outdoor adventure, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

The Cairn Project Ambassadors

Kiah Champion ran her FIRST 50 kilometer ultramarathon race to raise funds for The Cairn Project:

“I believe that there is limitless power in community. Getting outdoors brings us together and brings out the best in each of us. I find so much joy and freedom in trying new things outdoors, so I‘d love for more young girls to get that opportunity too, regardless of what they come from.”

Inspiring Through Personal Stories

Every runner has a story, and as an ambassador for The Cairn Project, your story becomes a powerful tool for inspiration. Share your motivations, the challenges you overcome, and the joy of crossing that finish line. Your personal narrative weaves into the broader story of the community, illustrating how outdoor passion can indeed be a force for good. Through your journey, you amplify the voices of women and girls in outdoor adventure, breaking stereotypes and inspiring others to follow suit.

Lucia Tonachel ran a marathon for herself, our generation of women, and the next generation of girls.

As a part of the generation sometimes written off as disengaged and technology-centered, it’s important to me to change this perception and empower others in my life to engage with the outdoors in positive ways. It’s critical to me that this work is intersectional and inclusive, that it recognizes the history of people on the land we traverse and honors the ecosystems which we call upon to find our voices and inner peace through.

Raising the Profile of Women and Girls

Running as an ambassador is a tangible way to raise the profile of women and girls in outdoor adventure. It challenges traditional narratives and showcases that adventure knows no gender. By participating in a race, you contribute to a broader conversation about the importance of equal access to outdoor opportunities. Your presence in the race is a statement that the outdoors is a space for everyone, regardless of gender.

Dana Ringler wearing a white shirt and running vest running toward the camera and smiling. there are woods and other runners behind her

Running a race as an ambassador adventure for The Cairn Project is not just a physical feat; it’s a powerful statement and a meaningful contribution to a cause that resonates with the spirit of adventure, community, and empowerment. Lace up those running shoes; your adventure awaits!