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Senita Athletics – Tested on New Hampshire’s 4,000ft Peaks

Liv Del Brocco is a volunteer Ambassador for The Cairn Project. This year, she’s tacking a big challenge: 48 of New Hampshire’s 4,000’ peaks by the end of the year. The peaks are all mountains with an elevation of 4,000’ and a minimum of 200 feet of prominence. Liv has two more peaks to go! For more info, check out Liv’s campaign page.

Hey y’all – I am here to give you a rundown of athleticwear from one of my favorite companies: Senita Athletics. 

Senita was kind enough to support my adventure fundraiser for The Cairn Project: completing all New Hampshire’s 48 peaks that stand over 4,000 feet tall. Since moving to Maine about a month ago, I’ve been able to check off tons of the peaks I had remaining. I started it off by getting back into my solo ways and did an overnight hike to Mount Isolation. I was challenged with a washed out trail and hiking up a riverbed, but the wilderness rewarded me with stunning views of the Presidential range. I also conquered Wildcat, Tom, Willey, Field, Owl’s Head, and Tecumseh. Willey and Wildcat threw some solid elevation at me, gaining about 4000 feet in approximately one mile. I made Owl’s Head a fun challenge by trail running most of the gentle 18 miles. It was one of the longest runs I’ve gone on in awhile! The White Mountains have a way of bringing you to your knees – both from physical pain and from their awe-inspiring beauty. 

I’m grateful to be supported by organizations like The Cairn Project and companies like Senita; bringing together women makes this adventure all the more special. To help other folks explore all that Senita has to offer, I’ve compiled an overview of a few popular items. Some are tried and true best-sellers, while other items I bought recently and gave a test run. Here are my honest opinions on six Senita items I’ve tried in the wilderness:

Unwind Seamless Bra – tested on an overnight backpacking trip, weightlifting, and just to get cozy at home. This bra delivers on every front for me.

What I Love: Overall a flattering cut; being able to wear the straps straight or clipped into a racerback is also a great feature; multiple color options.

What I Don’t: Straps tighten towards the front, so the tighter they are, the more you can see the metal adjusters – a minor flaw for such a wonderful bra; this bra may not work well during high impact workouts for women with a larger bust, but I found it to be great for low impact workouts. 

Trek Shorts – Tested on multiple overnight hikes, day hikes, and trail runs. 

What I Love: COMFORT! These shorts have a wonderful stretch to them, making them easy to move in; still durable enough for some light rock scrambles; lots of bells and whistles with pockets/zips/key hooks. 

What I Don’t: Wouldn’t be ideal for full rock scramble days, as the fabric is slightly too delicate; they run larger than other Senita items and may not fit right on a petite frame.

Seamless Sports Bra & Trek Shorts.

Annie Sports Bra – This bra is new to me. I snagged it in a gorgeous reddish color called “poppy.” I tried this bra for a long run and came home satisfied.

What I Love: Perfect level of compression for any level of workout; adorable, flattering design: flip flop it between your workout wardrobe as well as your daily outfits! 

What I Don’t: Straps are not adjustable and I found one of them to be slightly too long (this didn’t affect the bra’s performance for me); the elastic around the bottom tends to bunch rather than laying flat. 

Annie Sports Bra & Adventure Rios (front).

Adventure Rio Shorts – Tested on a long trail run and a light day hike. 

What I Love: The fabric is simultaneously soft and secure; there are pockets!!

What I Don’t: I don’t quite have a “perfect size” in these – the mediums were a little too big and the smalls a little too tight; leg openings ride up just a little; overall, I prefer the Baseline Short inseam (5in) compared to these (3.75in).

Annie Sports Bra & Adventure Rios (back).

Ava Crop Top – I now own this item in multiple colors and use it for everything from hiking to weightlifting to going out with friends. It’s a true Senita staple!

What I Love: Has a built-in shelf bra so no need to wear anything underneath; it’s a longer crop so it doesn’t show too much skin; tons of color options.

What I Don’t: No critiques on this piece, one of my favorites. 

Ambition Long Sleeve – Tested on an overnight backpack trip and a long run. 

What I Love: The fabric is a buttery soft I’ve never felt before; kept me warm without making me hot; will double well as both a base layer and sun protection (yay multiple uses!).

What I Don’t: Slight disappointment with small pilling areas where I wore my backpack directly in contact with the shirt; this item is probably best suited for workouts rather than for wearing with gear. 

Ambition Long sleeve & Trek Shorts with Mount Washington in the back.
Team Photo Liv Del Brocco
Liv Del Brocco

“I have recognized my privilege as a white woman from the upper/middle class and I have decided that I want to be able to use that as a tool to help others. Being in a position of privilege allows me to make other voices heard or use my connections to help other people."See Liv's ambassador page.