Bikepacking: "Across No Borders"

Leona Kringe


Gundelfingen, Germany

A selfie of Cairn Project Ambassador Leona Kringe

About Leona Kringe

Leona grew up surrounded by nature and animals. Being in the outdoors has always been a huge and important part of her life.

“Across No Borders”

“Due to the current coronavirus situation and closed borders to Switzerland and France, I was forced to change my project “Heimattriple” into a new one. I called it “Across no borders – Just riding & pushing to set some marks”.

In June I will be part of the “GST – Grenzsteintrophy,” a bikepacking event which track follows the former german wall. This route is an 1250 km long track in the middle of nowhere – in the middle of Germany and its fascinating wilderness, following the “Grüne Band.” Since the coronavirus set us into the situation of closed borders and restricted freedom of movement, I wanted to set some important marks.”

Leona's bike leaned over on a mountain ridge
Leona Kringe winks wearing her bike clothes

Why Get Out and Give Back?

“I always try to inspire other women to trust in themselves, to believe in what they do, and to put all their strength in completing their dreams. My pursuit is to build and create my own life, to live my dreams and to trust in myself and my deepest inner voice. I really want to share this way of life with other great women.”

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