Biking Across Iowa - RABGRAI 2023

Murph (Kathy Murphy)



Kathy Murphy wears a helmet and points both fingers at the camera while smiling.

About Kathy Murphy

Murph (Kathy Murphy) our first Ambassador hailing from Iowa, is involved in the biking community in a variety of different ways: she produces her podcast Murphology Podcast, co-hosts the Just Go Bike podcast, participates as a bike leader in Iowa, fundraises through biking, self-guided multi-day bicycle tours for over 25 years, worked as part of the Iowa bike coalition, and also leads a local bicycle club with over 500 members. Imagine biking across the entire United States – Kathy did that in 2022! 

Biking Across Iowa – RABGRAI 2023

Murph will bike all 500 miles of the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) – not once, but TWICE this July 2023. For round 1, Murph will test ride the route and visit the many communities the route goes through for advocacy work as part of an invite-only group of experienced cyclists. Each day of this route test will have a different community-oriented theme. Stay tuned as Murph shares her experience working with new communities each day of the ride! For round 2, Murph will participate in the cycling event, which is the oldest, largest, and longest multi-day bicycle touring event in the world. Between now and then, Murph is supporting communities of new bikers through creating an informative and supportive Facebook page, in addition to the bike club she runs weekly.

a map of the RAGBRAI bike race
Kathy Murph smiles to the camera in the foreground in a helmet and bike jersey. In the background there are two other bikers on a long dirt road

Why Get Out and Give Back?

“I love the idea of empowering young women to use the outdoors for both mental and physical gains. Growing up, I was always encouraged to be whoever I wanted to be. That feeling of being supported and encouraged stays with me and is something I strive to do for others.”

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