You Are Unlimited: 84 Days Outside

Kait Boyle


Driggs, Idaho & Prescott, Arizona

Cairn Project Ambassador Kait Boyle bites her lip in focus while riding a mountain bike in a bike race

About Kait Boyle

Kait Boyle, 24-hour World Champion and ultra-endurance record holder, loves moving outside. She first found mountain biking as a way to move outside while rehabbing a climbing injury in 2011. In the initial years, she fell in love with singlespeeding, bikepacked the Great Divide Mountain Bike route, and started racing ultra-endurance races. She never looked back on climbing and has since pursued a life on two knobby tires, seeking long single-track oriented bikepacking expeditions and pushing herself to become the fastest ultra-endurance racer she can be.

84 Days Outside

In late 2018, ultra-endurance MTB athlete Kait Boyle was in a severe car accident. In response, her community raised $16,535 to support her through her recovery, during which Kait spent 84 days confined to a wheelchair and crutches and unable to move freely outside. “You Are Unlimited: 84 Days Outside” is a two-fold “matching” campaign: starting Oct 1, Kait is spending 84 consecutive days biking, bikepacking, running, hiking, backpacking, whitewater canoe/kayaking, skiing, or camping, and raising $16,535 for The Cairn Project’s grants program to get more girls outside!

An image of a woman on a bike holding an American flag in her teeth with the words #YouAreUnlimited on top of it
Kate smiles while holding her mountain bike against a wooden wall

Why Get Out and Give Back?

“I share the vision and mission of the Cairn Project; it is through my platform as an athlete and educator that I strive to empower women and girls to believe they are limitless and to inspire a life of adventure, challenge, and growth.”

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