Splitboard: Crater Lake Rim Route

Justine Mulliez


Bend, Oregon

Cairn Project Ambassador Justine Mulliez's headshot

About Justine Mulliez

Justine is a skier, mountaineer, and all-around adventurer who grew up exploring the mountains of Europe and currently calls Bend, OR home. Justine is spearheading our Living Her Adventure blog series.

33 Miles of Snow

It’s winter in the Northwest, and Justine is making the most of it! In March she and three friends will tackle the Crater Lake Rim Route on splitboard and skis. They’ll follow the 33-mile Rim Route in their circumnavigation of the lake, with some side exploration to find more elevation and good lines. Justine’s Crater Lake trip is The Cairn Project’s first snow-based adventure fundraiser! Fundraising goal: $2500.

America’s deepest lake (1943 ft), Crater Lake was formed 7,700 years ago, when a volcanic eruption triggered the collapse of Mount Mazama, a peak in the Cascade Range. Oral history of the Klamath tribe describes witnessing Mazama’s collapse, and the Lake remains a site of cultural significance for the Klamath people. Crater Lake is a closed system with no rivers or tributaries flowing into it: evaporation is balanced by rainfall and snowfall each year. Crater Lake National Park was established in 1902.

Map showing Justine's route around Crater Lake
Mountains beyond and within Crater Lake with snow on them

Why Get Out and Give Back?

“As a passionate outdoorswoman, I have experienced first-hand the extraordinary power of time spent experimenting, growing, and thinking in the outdoors. Seeing my own personal evolution through snowboarding, backpacking, mountaineering, and trying a wide variety of outdoor sports, I realized very quickly the essential role these kinds of activities had in shaping my self confidence, enhancing my intuition, and navigating my place in this world.”

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