Human-Powered Summit of Mt. Baker

Dana Ringler


Bellingham, WA

Cairn Project Ambassador Dana Ringler smiles while looking off camera wearing a yellow helmet and sunglasses. there is a mountain range in the background

About Dana Ringler

Dana is a Bellingham local who grew up scampering around the Pacific Northwest as a hiker, triathlete, trail runner, and curious explorer. 

She grew up with two wonderful parents who taught her how to conscientiously take up space outside while adventuring in the backcountry. Dana accredits her empathy to time spent in the backcountry where her parents showed her how each of her decisions would impact the environment and her well-being there. She believes that empathy alongside empowerment is critical for developing resilient communities and intrinsic to outdoor access.

Why Get Out and Give Back?

I want to serve alongside other passionate athletes to pay forward our love of the outdoors. In too many areas, women are forced to be competitive with their peers in order to succeed. Whether we are trying for a promotion or competing in sports, we’re taught that we can only be the best by working harder than others. I want to push against that pressure by connecting with other ambassadors who share similar goals of creating space for girls to get outside.

Dana ringler flecks rope over her head, there is a rock wall behind her

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