Paddle: Sacramento River Source to Sea

Ari Kosel


Mt. Shasta, California

Cairn Project Ambassador Ari Kosel smiles wearing an all purple outfit

About Ari Kosel

Ari is a 28 year old outdoor educator and river guide who fuels her adventures with laughter, curiosity and her trusty bottle of sriracha. She grew up on the rivers surrounding her hometown of Mt. Shasta and went through her first guide training on the Upper Sacramento back in 2008. Since then she’s continued to find joy and growth on rivers across the United States and internationally.

Why Get Out and Give Back?

“I am excited and humbled to work towards empowering young women to get outside and pursue their dreams in the outdoors! I have learned some of my most profound lessons in life from nature. Rivers have taught me the power of fluidity and perseverance, mountains have taught me dedication and grit, and rock climbing has allowed me to confront my fears and feel supported by my community. I hope to continue to inspire and and support other women so they also find growth and confidence through the outdoors.”

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