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Run: The Superior Hiking Trail

SHT Relay is a group of old and new friends coming together around a mutual love for trail running and personal challenge. Instagram hashtag: #shtrelay

320+ Miles of Trail Running

In late October, this all-women Minneapolis-based crew will head to the Canadian border with the goal of relay running the 320+ mile Superior Hiking Trail. Starting at the route’s northernmost point on the U.S./Canadian border, the team will relay run south for 3.5 days along the SHT, ending near Jay Cooke State Park. With elevation gains and losses of exceding 37,000 feet, this relay is guaranteed to be a challenge for all!


About this Landscape

The Superior Hiking Trail contours the scenic Lake Superior to the east and the Superior National Forest to the west, and passes through eight of Minnesota’s State Parks. Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes, and generally considered the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area. The Ojibwe named the lake gichigami, or “great sea.” The Superior Hiking Trail was first established in the 1980’s and is now maintained by The Superior Hiking Trail Association.


Why Give Out & Give Back

“What I like about the format of this adventure is that it really encourages teamwork. Getting out of your comfort zone is by default uncomfortable, but having the backing of a team provides an opportunity to grow in a supportive environment.”

– SHT Relay Team Captain, Angela Bowitz