MT Alpha Cycling

2016 & 2018 Grant Recipient of $5,000

About MT Alpha Cycling

MT Alpha Cycling empowers women of all ages to ride, race, and build community through mountain biking, an often male-dominated sport. The organization’s volunteer-led Juniors program brings together girls ages 9-18 for group rides, skills clinics, team building, and fun throughout the summer months. MT Alpha is Western Montana’s tireless advocate for women riders, encouraging them to be strong, confident, and empowered on and off their bikes.

"Mountain biking with other women enriches our lives – through improved confidence and self-esteem, physical health, and mental well-being – and we wanted to share and foster that among young women."

Katie Rogotzke

MT Alpha Cycling

Girls Gaining Confidence

Building upon support received from The Cairn Project in 2016, MT Alpha is continuing to expand its junior girls summer program – 8 weeks of rides, skill building, and mentorship for at least 30 young women in town, capped off with an end of season mountain biking/camping retreat in Whitefish, MT. This year’s grant will also support two sessions of MT Alpha’s Flagship program, targeting low-income middle school girls in the Missoula community and equipping participants with bikes, helmets, and mentors. MT Alpha leverages funding from The Cairn Project into partnerships with local agencies that help to increase access to mountain biking opportunities for all girls in Missoula, regardless of financial circumstances.

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