Little Bellas - Johnson City, TN

2020 Grant Recipient of $5,000

About Little Bellas

Little Bellas is a mountain bike organization working to help young women realize their potential through cycling. Their programs support riders ages 7-17, through a crucial period in teenage years that often see a drop off in female participation in cycling. With volunteer-led chapters around the country, the Little Bellas community empowers girls through the sport, emphasizes the importance of goal-setting, promotes healthy lifestyles, and recognizes the positive effects of forging strong female bonds.

“We see more and more kids out on trails but most of them are boys and their dads - I want to continue to empower them, but also give the women and girls the confidence to be out there too!”

Sherri Cole

Little Bellas Johnson City Program Lead

A New Bike Program in Johnson City

Support from The Cairn Project will help to launch the inaugural season of Little Bellas’ new program in Johnson City after delays and adaptation due to COVID-19. With the economic challenges of the pandemic, more families are seeking financial assistance for their girls to participate. A $5K grant will help cover scholarships along with helmets and other gear – helping to make this program more accessible.

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