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Run: Midwest Half Marathon

Who: Olivia Grev


Olivia is a business and tech consultant, alpine skier, and world traveler who lives in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Olivia’s love for the outdoors was sparked at a young age on an outdoor leadership program in the Colorado Rockies. Now Olivia wants to pass on these same types of opportunities to young women across the country.

Instagram: @oliviagrev

Running to Get Girls Outside

A seasoned runner of short and long distance races, Olivia is recovering from a recent hip injury and getting back to the outdoor activities she loves including running. This fall, Olivia will challenge herself with her first ‘post-surgery’ half marathon race. This time around, Olivia is racing for a purpose – she is raising support for programs that expand outdoor opportunities for young women.

Fundraising Goal: $2,000

Why Get Out & Give Back

“I want other young females to get the same life lessons I did out of the outdoors – those especially around confidence and perseverance. I’m entering a phase of life where now it is possible for me to give back, and I want to be an example to young women.”