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Bikepack: The Maah Daah Hey Trail

Who: Sarah Castle


Sarah is a Founder and co-director of The Cairn Project. She works as a PhD research scientist studying land-use and global change impacts to soil health.

Instagram: @sc_castle

100+ Miles of North Dakota Badlands

In late May, Sarah is setting off on her first-ever bikepacking trip! Starting at the northernmost point of the Maah Daah Hey Trail, she will pedal south through rolling prairies and steep clay buttes to the town of Medora, ND. With 100+ miles of singletrack and 10K+ feet of climbing and descending, the trip is guaranteed to be both challenging and rewarding.

Fundraising Goal: $3,000

About this Landscape

In total, the 150 mile Maah Daah Hey Trail traverses the North Dakota Badlands, Little Missouri National Grasslands, private land and the North and South Units of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The trail name, “Maah Daah Hey”, comes from the Mandan Hidatsa Tribe and means “Grandfather”. Designated by the International Mountain Bike Association as an IMBA – EPIC trail for the unique backcountry riding experience, the multi-use trail is maintained by the Maah Daah Hey Trail Association.

Why Give Out & Give Back

“The outdoors have been my greatest source of curiosity, creativity, and learning. The Cairn Project passes those outdoor and wilderness opportunities on to our next generation of girls, and my hope is that spending time in wild places will bring them joy, self discovery, and connection.”