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Bikepack: Bears Ears
National Monument

Who: Ashley Carruth


Ambassador Ashley Carruth is a high school educator and community leader in her hometown of Durango, Colorado. As the co-founder of San Juan SOLES, a local partner of The Cairn Project, Ashley has been working to empower young women in the Southwest and Rocky Mountains.

Instagram: @a_carruthless

800+ Miles in 30 Days

In April, Ashley will pedal away from her hometown of Durango, CO and begin a month-long bikepack and packraft trip through Bears Ears National Monument and back. Her adventure is both a physical challenge and an opportunity to learn about economic, environmental, cultural and personal sustainability in the Four Corners region. She will bring learning and perspective from this experience back to her high school classroom. Join her in expanding outdoor opportunities for girls across the country.

Fundraising Goal: $2,500

Why Get Out and Give Back

“I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had throughout my life, both in terms of the quality of my female mentors as well as my exposure to the outdoors. As I’ve grown into my adult years, I’ve been able to appreciate how important outdoor pursuits and strong female mentorship was in developing my self-confidence. I’m committed to helping other girls and young women gain both physical and mental strength as well as a stronger sense of place and environmental ethic through outdoor education.”

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