A Dip a Day in February

Annie Le


St. Andrews, United Kingdom

Selfie of Cairn Project Ambassador Annie Le smiling big on a mountaintop

About Annie Le

Ambassador Annie Le’s adventure fundraiser took an unexpected turn as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. For a VERY entertaining and inspiring watch, check out Would You Like Ice With That? –  the short film she made about her experience!

About Annie’s Adventure

“When I applied to be an Ambassador for The Cairn Project, my fundraiser was going to be a big bikepacking trip around the Scottish Highlands. Then the UK went into lockdown and I watched my potential start dates come and go.

I started planning for a winter ride on the route, testing kit, riding hours into wild, rainy nights to make sure I could stay warm. Eventually, with the threat of a second lockdown, I had to accept my ride was not going to happen.

I spent the first week of January in a funk, feeling demotivated, feeling like I was going to be letting The Cairn Project down. I watched the sleet and snow blow around outside my window as I snuggled deep under the duvet and scrolled through Instagram.

Here I discovered a group of mighty women, they were plunging themselves into freezing water every day, to fundraise. I was in awe. I couldn’t think of much worse. How unpleasant to be getting so cold and wet. How strong they must be. And then the thought crept in ‘you could do that too.'”

Annie Le smiling while dipping in a mostly frozen mountain lake
An aerial view of Annie Le in a dark lake full of ice chunks

Why Get Out and Give Back?

“The outdoors continues to build me, calm me, and help me through my toughest times and losses. I believe everyone should have access to all the benefits of wild spaces and I know that a certain amount of confidence and knowledge is needed first. I had support to get started, and I’d love to help give others a hand up and get going.

I feel that often the people who might benefit most are those with the least chances, and the programs The Cairn Project supports are helping to adjust the balance. Whilst the outdoors and sport are not a cure for mental health issues, I feel like they are a valuable tool, and with a rise in issues in young women, the more who have the tools the better!”

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