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Announcing Our First Grants

We are thrilled to announce our first grants! Thanks to the generosity of our amazing community, we have raised more than $20K so far. Now, it’s time for that support to start having an impact!

Our first two grantees – GirlVentures and San Juan Mountain SOLES – hold special significance for us. Our first grants are going to each of our home states, and to places that we know well – the Bay Area, and the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado. You can learn more about each of these stellar organizations and the work we are supporting here.

It’s so exciting that support from our broad (and growing!) community can reach these groups. When GirlVentures and SOLES learned that they’ll be receiving $5000 grants funded with contributions from donors in so many communities across so many states, they were floored! It’s an honor for us to have the chance to sing their praises to our own network. And it makes our hike on the John Muir Trail that much more meaningful and fulfilling.

We couldn’t have gotten here without you all! This is just beginning – stay tuned for more grants to come!