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Young Women Who Crush

Grant Recipient of $5,000

About Young Women Who Crush

Young Women Who Crush (YWWC) works to empower NYC high school girls through indoor and outdoor rock climbing adventures that build community, cultivate confidence, nurture leadership skills and foster a deep respect for the natural world. The organization’s programs are offered tuition-free to all participants! YWWC was founded in 2017 by women and relies on the dedication of a cadre of 27 volunteer mentors to bring its programs to life. Since its launch two years ago, YWWC has grown from serving 10 girls at one high school to serving more than 40 girls from 10 NYC public high schools.

Over the course of a school year, our girls transform into strong and confident rock climbers capable of scaling cliffs the size of city buildings. They learn to support each other and communicate effectively, and are given the opportunity to experience the outdoors in a truly unique and meaningful way.

Alexis Krauss

Co-Founder, Young Women Who Crush

Girls Seeing Themselves as Climbers and Leaders

A grant from The Cairn Project will provide core support to this tuition free, volunteer-run program. Grant funds will help to cover logistical expenses like transportation, food, and gear for overnight expeditions to the Shawagunk Mountains in the Hudson Valley, and will support Wilderness First Aid curriculum for YWWC participants. The program is working to make indoor and outdoor climbing spaces more welcoming and inclusive for all young women, especially young women of color and young immigrants. For many participants, YWWC offers a first-ever foray into the outdoors beyond New York’s city parks!

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