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Women’s Wilderness

Grant Recipient of $5,000: 2017 - 2020

About Women's Wilderness

Women’s Wilderness strengthens the courage, confidence, and leadership qualities of girls through group wilderness and community-based experiences. Their “Conscious Choice” curriculum teaches decision-making, self-awareness, critical thinking skills, and the ability to make self-affirming choices. In this model, rock climbing and backpacking are opportunities for girls to take risks in spite of uncertainty, recognize and voice how they are feeling, appreciate their physical abilities, and form trusting relationships.

“I felt my real strength, and how much I can do. I also made a lot of new friends because we were all in the same boat, and no one was going to laugh at you or tell you something you said was wrong.”


Adventure Days Participant

Equity and Resilience Outside

Building on previous years’ support to Women’s Wilderness, 2020 funding from The Cairn Project will contribute to the organization’s COVID-19 adapted programming. At this time of unprecedented challenge, Women’s Wilderness is implementing health and safety precautions that will allow it to continue its after school and late-summer programming. Rock climbing courses weave curriculum that supports mental health, physical health, leadership capacity, and environmental stewardship. At least 65% of girls in these programs are living under 150% of the Federal Poverty level.

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