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Grant recipient of $5,000

About Embark

Embark is a start-up program in Salt Lake City working to build confidence, leadership, and teamwork through mountain mentorship for young women in Utah’s refugee community. All of the young women in this program remember their migration to the US, and many come from large families relying on a single income. Embark’s program includes weekly meet-ups for rock climbing, hiking, and wilderness safety education, plus four multi-day excursions over the course of the year.

“All of our participants remember their migration to the United States. All of them left loved ones behind, and many of them haven’t seen them since. Creating a new life in a new culture is difficult at best, so the Embark program aims to create an inclusive space where all feel welcome.”

Camille Fiducia

Embark founder

Embark’s First-ever Grant!

Support from The Cairn Project will help to cover basic expenses for this brand-new program: transportation stipends for girls who use public transit to get to team meetings and events; gear, food and gas for weekend and multi-day excursions; and other basic operating costs.

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