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Thruhike: Pacific Crest Trail

Who: Shelby McGibney


Shelby has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy currently working with covid patients to regain their active lifestyles. Currently based in Northern California, she can be found climbing, mountain biking, and adventuring with her dog pine.

Instagram: @shibmcgib

2,650 mi from Mexico to Canada

In April, Shelby will set off on a 4.5 month-long thruhike of the Pacific Trail (PCT), starting at the Mexican border and hiking north to Canada. With this hike, Shelby is taking on a new personal challenge, and is passing on the opportunities to learn basic wilderness skills and inspiration to the next generation of girls.

About This Landscape

The Pacific Crest Trail is the second longest hiking trail in the United States, spanning 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada along the crest of the mountains in California, Oregon, and Washington. In total, the route passes through 25 different National Forests and 7 National Parks. Designated a National Scenic Trail in 1968, the trail is protected and maintained by the Pacific Crest Trail Association.

Why Get Out Give Back:

West Coast

“I grew up believing that thru-hikes are something that boys do as a gap year before they go to college because boys are strong and can survive out there. Looking forward, I’m so grateful and excited to have the opportunity to join the ever-growing number of girls on the long trails – strong and thriving.”