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Thruhike: Continental Trail Divide

By: Leah Genth


Leah is an ecology major and a team captain of the cycling and climbing teams at Yale University. As an adventure athlete, Leah has a passion for showing up and making space for women in traditionally male-dominated outdoor spaces.

Instagram: @leah_genth

2,700+ mi from Mexico to Canada

In March, Leah will set off to thruhike the Continental Divide Trail (CDT), starting in New Mexico and hiking north to Canada. She is using this trip as an opportunity to fundraise for The Cairn Project and, in her own words, “have a means of hiking for something bigger than myself.”

About This Landscape

In its entirety, the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail follows the spine of the North American Continental Divide – 3,100 miles of the Rocky Mountains from Mexico to Canada. Passing through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, the CDT is considered the most rugged of the U.S.’s long distance hiking trails. To date, approximately 76% of the trail has been completed and designated for non-motorized travel. The trail is protected and maintained through the work of The Continental Divide Trail Coalition.

Why Get Out Give Back:

“It is the most empowering feeling to be at home in the outdoors and confident in one’s ability to be self-sufficient and travel under one’s own power. I think those feelings are even more important for women and girls who have historically not always been welcomed into outdoor/adventure spaces.”