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Climb: Rushmore Needles

Who: Liz Pham


Ambassador Liz Pham is a climber, tech professional, and entrepreneur born and raised in Sioux Falls, SD. Liz discovered climbing after moving to Minneapolis, MN, and it’s become her favorite way to build community and friendships.

Instagram: @phamula

15 Classic Lead Climbs

This summer, Liz will return to her home state of South Dakota for a lead climbing project that will push her limits on 15 classic routes in the Magna Carta, South Seas, and Chopping Block areas of The Rushmore Needles. This multi-day endeavor is an opportunity for Liz to take her greatest passion – climbing – to the next level by setting a challenging personal goal. Through this adventure, Liz hopes to inspire young women to set goals, and above all, have fun chasing after them.

Fundraising goal: $3,000

About This Landscape

Rising from the Great Plains of South Dakota and extending into Wyoming, the Black Hills are one of the oldest mountain ranges in North America. The Lakota settled this area in the late 1700’s and the region remains of central cultural significance to the tribe, despite the fact that they were forcibly relocated to other areas of the state in the late 1800’s. The area includes Mt. Rushmore, Wind Caves National Park, Jewel Cave National Monument, Devil’s Tower National Monument, and Custer State Park.

Why Get Out & Give Back

“I’ve always known I wanted to help others, but never knew exactly how. What I did know was that I enjoyed mentoring and learning from others. When rock climbing came into my life, it became a medium for me to connect with others, especially women. I want to empower women through rock climbing and the outdoors.”