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Who: Sarah Castle & Alison Wright


Founders Alison Wright and Sarah Castle met during college in Colorado and became fast friends over their mutual love for the outdoors. In 2017, they returned to the state where their friendship began to explore a section of the Colorado Trail and Continental Divide Trail new to both of them.

Instagram: @alison.m.wright | @sc_castle

160 Miles in 9 Days

In 2017, Alison and Sarah headed to backpack the 160-mile Collegiate Peaks Loop of the Colorado Trail, a landmark route pioneered by women’s adventure icon Gudy Gaskill. The Collegiate Peaks Loop connects the Colorado Trail East and Colorado Trail West sections, offering the change to adventure through a variety of landscapes in the shadow of some of Colorado’s most iconic mountains.

Fundraising Goal: $20,000

Stories and Tips from the Trail

Read more about this adventure by checking out Alison’s and Sarah’s Trip Reports from the eastern and western sections of the Collegiate Peaks Loop, and Alison’s essay on the unexpected discoveries this adventure offered.