Hiking the North South Trail

Suleyka Garcia Rivera


Rhode Island

Cairn Project Ambassador Suleyka Garcia Rivera, a latina women, looks at the camera and smiles while holding a medal and raising her back arm up to show off her muscles.

About Suleyka Garcia Rivera

Suleyka Garcia Rivera is a full-time mom, wife, and wooden craft small business owner. Suleyka is a proud Latina, born and raised in Puerto Rico. She currently lives in Rhode Island with her partner, dog, and two daughters, where she loves spending time outdoors by going on solo hikes and walking her dog, Nala, with her family. After her father passed away, Suleyka turned to hiking as a healthy coping system and place to channel her grief. Through this, she discovered her love for solo hiking, and the meditative and recharging benefits she received. She now encourages her two daughters to seek healthy relationships with nature as well. 

Hiking the North South Trail

Ambassador Suleyka will take one week to section-hike the full 75.3 miles of the North South Full trail in Rhode Island. She’ll do this while juggling all of her regular responsibilities: Suleyka will take care of her family in the morning before driving to where she left off the day before, hike for 8 hours, and make it back in time to support her family in the evening. Talk about doing it all! Suleyka hopes her friends and family will join her along sections of the hike. 

A graphic of the adventure fundraiser Suleyka Garcia Rivera will complete with a map and the title "North South Trail"
Suleyka Garcia Rivera stands at the top of a mountain smiling at the camera, with lakes and islands behind her

Why Get Out and Give Back?

Suleyka is excited to have the chance to help positively impact other people’s lives by sharing her love of the outdoors, and encouraging others to experience the powerful healing and meditative benefits of nature.

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