Thru-hiking the Aosta Valley in Italy

Alessandra Trompeo


Durham, NC

Cairn Project ambassador Alessandra Trompeo is wearing a pink jacket and white construction hat and smiles at the camera

About Alessandra Trompeo

Alessandra was born and raised in northern Italy where the mountains were both a passion and a significant influence on her life. By the time she was a teenager, she was already a ski touring instructor for the Italian Alpine Club. After getting a degree, she moved to the US as a practicing geologist before changing careers into food science! Alessandra was a cheese maker for one of her many lives. During this time, she continued hiking in the US, back home in Italy, K2 Base Camp in 2018, and even Mera Peak for a fundraiser in 2019. 

Thru-hiking the Aosta Valley in Italy

Alessandra Trompeo stands next to a river with hiking clothes on and trees towering in the background
Alessandra Trompeo sits at a picnic bench with large mountains behind her

Why Get Out and Give Back?

Alessandra comes to us from a culture where women were not always encouraged to pursue their dreams. She hopes that through this experience, she can share her passion and mentorship with young women so that they can approach the outdoors with confidence.

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