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Adventure On! Community Award

Eligible for both Classic and New Adventurer Ambassadors and new in 2022, The Cairn Project is excited to announce its Adventure On! Community Award for women and non-binary Ambassadors who identify as part of a marginalized group/s. TCP recognizes that with its mission to expand outdoor access, its Ambassador cohort should reflect the next generation of empowered and self-confident girls it hopes to nurture through its micro-grants. This award aims to help make outdoor access and opportunities more equitable. Approximately 20% of the Ambassador cohort may receive this award.

To apply, please submit a complete Ambassador Application by February 25, 2022, 11:59 PM PST, where you can opt in for consideration for the award on the last page. There is no additional application or information required.

Additional opportunities/perks for Award recipients include:
  • An honoraria/stipend in the amount of 20% of the total amount fundraised at the end of the campaign. (Minimum of $200)
  • Shared fundraising proceeds from joint Ambassador events counted toward individual fundraising target. ** (**Proceeds from joint-Ambassador will be split evenly among all Award recipients and added directly to the fundraising total. Both non-award recipients and award recipients will support joint-Ambassador events)
  • Monthly group mentorship and coaching from professional outdoor athletes – exclusive to Adventure On! Community Award recipients
  • Opportunity for input on which organization(s) within The Cairn Project’s portfolio receive support from the awardee’s campaign.
  • Additional support from TCP staff for elevated social media presence with minimal time commitment from the scholarship recipient.
  • Consideration for additional logistical, social, material, or financial support upon request depending on individual circumstances.
  • Additional support to secure local outdoor partnership opportunities.
  • Opportunity for social media takeovers, blog writing, etc. to grow online presence.