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Join Us To Expand Outdoor Opportunities For Young Women

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Why Support The Cairn Project

The Cairn Project fundraisers are a dynamic community of outdoor enthusiasts, weekend warriors, and forward-thinking dirtbags who are living their adventure and giving back. By supporting their adventures, you're supporting The Cairn Project and our mission to help young women embark on life-changing outdoor experiences that seed self-esteem, inner strength, and the tenacity to embrace the unexpected.



Find a Fundraiser

Our community of fundraisers organize individual and group experiences in Mother Nature — hikes, climbs, runs, rides, swims and more. Their personal journeys are also selfless quests that support The Cairn Project mission. Starting Fall 2016, we'll begin promoting fundraisers that you can support. To kick things off, The Cairn Project founders are hiking the John Muir Trail to raise awareness and support for expanding outdoor access for young women.

Show Your Support

Once you find a fundraiser that speaks to you, show your support by donating to the event and spreading the word. Donations to The Cairn Project fundraisers are channeled through flexible, ongoing grants to our growing network of local partner organizations that empower and enable young women in their communities to experience the transformative effects of nature.


See Your Impact

Your support will not only help our adventure-fundraisers cross the "finish line," but also help get girls in underserved communities on the trail, up the mountain, and inspired by the magic of the great outdoors.

Support a Fundraiser

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